Spot the Difference II

Spot the Difference II

Spot the Differences 2 is a Flash game developed by Novel Games

Spot the Difference 2 is a game developed by Novel Games. This small game made in Flash challenges you to spot the five differences between two apparently identical pictures.
When you start, a counter that is represented by the bar in the middle of the screen starts running and you have seconds to complete the level. Pictures look identical and what differs between one and the other is so subtle that you need to be a really good observer. When you spot a difference, you simply click on it to create a red circle around it. If you have difficulties finding a difference, the game offers you five hints that you can use whenever you want in the level. Using hints will reduce dramatically the time available to complete the game, though.

The game consists of three levels in total (with the same pictures) and your final score will be based on the time it takes you to complete it and on whether you used or not the available hints.

From the gear icon on the right, you can adjust the music and sound volume, and also play the game in full screen, which is advisable in this particular game.

All in all, it is a simple game with nice-looking graphics that will help you kill some free time. You can download it for free or play the online version in the developer's website.

Mariel Rearte
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Review summary


  • Quick fun
  • Nice interface
  • Possibility of playing in full screen
  • Crossplatform
  • Free


  • Only three levels
  • Uses the same pictures over and over again
  • Requires an internet connection
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